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Dr. Jamie Karagianis


Brief Biography:

I am a psychiatrist and clinical research physician.  Since I work for pharma, I have often seen very biased reviews against our submissions, probably because they are reviewed blindly.  I think many nasty and unhelpful comments could be avoided by open and transparent reviews.  I have done a lot of peer reviewing and am never ashamed to declare who I am and my conflicts of interest.



What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I believe that all research should be published and the reader should decide on the merits.  Peer review shoujd be used to improve research, not to deny publication.  Also, many negative studies never see the light of day because journals that depend on impact factors are reluctant to publish them.  In pharma, that gets misinterpreted as the company holding back on publishing.  I support your concept. However, my participation would have to be approved by my employer.