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  • Check List for Submitting an Article

1. Manuscripts should be composed in accordance with our 'instructions for authors'

2. You will need name, designation, affiliation and email id for all authors.

3. For patient identifiable information, a consent form from the patient or legal guardian should accompany the manuscript.

4. Copyright Transfer Form would only be required if you are not one of the authors.

5. All the diagrams, tables, pictures and figures (identified as "Illustration") can be uploaded as JPG, GIF, PNG, GIF, PNG, BMP or in DOC formats. Please label each file as Illustration 1, Illustration 2, Illustration 3 etc. 

6. You can also upload upto five additional files with the article. These may be original data files, questionnaire files etc . You may use this functionality to upload files in your preferred format. Please give these files a self-descriptive name.  Our readers will have free access to these files.

7. You will be required to choose at least five referees from the WebmedCentral Editorial board. You can enter details of more reviewers, if you so wish.

8. We will require information regarding source(s) of funding and competing interest(s).