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  • Technology: Building up WebmedCentral servers, bandwidth, maintenance and development
  • Enable us to hire more people to look after your portal

As 2013 begins, we want to thank all our users and supporters. Webmedcentral was launched in Aug 2010 with a belief that freely accessible research knowledge is fundamental to all aspects of human development. Our publishing model is revolutionary and as far as we know we are the only people doing it this way. We see ourselves as part of a growing and inevitable shift towards removing barriers to research access and publication for the benefit of all. A lot has been achieved already in our short life span with thousands of active users and hundreds of WMC Editors, who have joined us in the mission. We have published more than 900 articles till date and we have done this at no cost to authors and users.

We are trying our best to keep the charges to the authors to a minimum and keep the platform sustainable. We urgently need finances to continue to achieve our goals of empowering the research community at minimal costs. So we're turning to you, our strongest supporters to ask for contribution.

The founders have launched this portal entirely with their personal investment and do not draw any remuneration from WebmedCentral for all their work. Furthermore, founders have no intention to draw any salary in the foreseeable future.

Please consider making a contribution of whatever you can afford, and be a part of this revolution. Please spread the word about this amazing concept by letting your friends and colleagues know. We will publicly acknowledge all contributors on our portal. However, you may also choose to be anonymous.

If you think WebmedCentral is making the world of publishing a better, fairer place, please come forward and support us.

Kamal Mahawar
Chairman, WebmedCentral

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