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By Dr. Deepak Gupta
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Workaholism, Work-Engagement

Gupta D. Eternal Work-Kin-Me: Mentees Must Understand Mentors. WebmedCentral AYURVEDIC MEDICINE 2022;13(6):WMC005779

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Submitted on: 28 May 2022 02:29:11 PM GMT
Published on: 01 Jun 2022 04:58:14 AM GMT

My opinion

We talk about work-kin-me as a modern-day invention in response to our modern-day workaholism induced by our modern-day consumerism and our corresponding modern-day overconsumption [1-2]. However, whether deemed workaholics or engaged with work [3-4], modern-day workers like us may have to read between the lines written in the mythological texts to realize that while choosing work over ward, we may be losing ward to work. Despite being ardent devotees of mythological Lords, it is time to understand what mythological Lords' written life-stories are telling us so as to not suffer what mythological Lords had to bear in ancient mythological lifetimes. However, there may be an alternate thought process that if ancient mythological Lords could NOT overcome what we must overcome in our modern-day lifetimes, we as modern-day mortal beings may have comparatively no control over where our workaholic or engaged with work life-histories will hopelessly culminate in the end. The lines we have to read in-between are:


• Did Lord choose His work as the King when He had to banish His pregnant Lady to forest [5]?

• Did Lord almost go to war with His twins unknowingly [6] because they were brought up by the banished Lady on Her own in the forest with genetically unrelated kin's fostering support and had questioned Lord regarding choosing job as King over kinship as Husband without knowing Lord as Father?

• Did twins forgive Lord as Father despite unanswered questions but Lady could NOT when Lady chose to finally leave for Her mother's abode [7] rather than going back with Her twins to Lord's abode and Lord could NOT override Lady's choice?

• Did caged parents of Lord lose six elder siblings of Lord to infanticidal demon caging His parents wherein ancient mythological demon inflicted infanticidal activity may be considered as metaphor/analogy for modern-day workaholism induced childhood adversity [8]?

• Did Lord's written life-story prefer work-engagement with His cousins seeking survival and justice for themselves so much that Lord lost all His own progeny including Himself [9] to the metaphorical curse by the mother who lost everyone during His cousins' work-engagement as war for survival and justice for themselves?


In a nut-shell, "me" riding on and surrendering to "work" has been becoming a bane for "kin" since ancient mythological times when "work" riding on and surrendering to "me" could have been a boon for "kin" because selfish gene [10] of "me" surviving through "kin" is competing with selfish genes of non-"me" surviving through "work" and it all boils down to who/what is at the controls in the eternal human machinery called work-kin-me.


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