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By Dr. Harinder Jaseja
Corresponding Author Dr. Harinder Jaseja
Physiology; G R Medical College, - India 474002
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Alien, Higgs' boson, bosonization, alien abduction, UFOs, SETI

Jaseja H. Search For Alien Existence: A Novel Approach. WebmedCentral MISCELLANEOUS 2010;1(12):WMC001283
doi: 10.9754/journal.wmc.2010.001283
Submitted on: 07 Dec 2010 04:16:17 PM GMT
Published on: 07 Dec 2010 09:30:58 PM GMT


Man and science have remained concerned and indulged in the quest of systematic search for aliens for several decades now. Both, the scientists and the common people have been haunted by the possibility of alien existence, which has led to emergence of a group of strong propagators of their existence based on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), alien encounters and abductions; however, a definite group of scientists continue to refute such a possibility. The search for aliens by Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and other agencies has not yet been convincing in either proving or disproving their existence, which could be attributed to a variable extent to the limitations of the technological measures adopted for the same. With the belief of alien existence in mind, the author in this brief article presents a novel approach in the quest for alien search based on interactive properties of the elusive particle, the Higgs boson and the possibility of existence of a multi-space-frame system on Earth.


Ever since evolution, Man has always been intrigued and awed by numerousphenomena occurring in nature. With the advent of science however, he wasin due course of time, able to unravel many such incidents only to be confronted with more mysteries presented by nature. With time he found himself entangled in the question on existence of mystical experiences pertaining to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), extra-terrestrial (ET) life and extra-sensory perception (ESP).Search for existence of aliens is a major experimentation that has attracted scientists’ interests and haunted them for several decades. The chances of alien existence as mathematically calculated are enormously large; the observations from Hubble Space Telescope predicting some 6.25 x 109 (6.25 billion) life-supporting planetary systems in the Universe and an estimation of approximately 10,000 such planets in the Milky Way Galaxy according to Frank Drake equation [1] with the possibility of ET life being based on biochemistry and morphological evolution ["Ammonia-based life"., "extraterrestrial life, variety of"].

Search for Aliens

There have been several scientifically based probes in the search for aliens, one of the foremost being SETI [SETI: Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence]. However, even with theories stipulating atmospheric chemical disequilibrium that can be detected by spectroscopy (Gaia hypothesis) [2] and expected behavior of alien-life to transmit communication-signals in space, there has been failure in proving or even disproving alien existence.

Various claims have been made for evidence of extraterrestrial life, such as those listed in a 2006 New Scientist article [ rial-life.html]
However, the major evidence that has kept alive the hopes of finding alien-life has been the several incidences of UFO-sightings, alien encounters and abductions [3] with a fair degree of consistence in the reporting of such experiences. Indeed, several ‘markers’ for identifying genuine UFOs have even been issued off and on.
The Zeta Reticulata incident of alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill is generally quoted as a memorable incidence on account of the evidence furnished by the couple. In one study in 2003 conducted at Harvard, seven out of ten abductees in hypnotized states were able to describe the tests conducted on them by the alien-abductors. Another incidence of abduction that has been cited in the literature is that of a female whose abduction was witnessed by two security personnel; the peculiarity in this case being the abduction via a beam-path through closed windows and doors, thus apparently defying the mundane laws of Physics.
Several abductees have reported implants in their bodies, which is believed to act as a tracking or human mind-controlling device.
However, a group of researchers does dismiss the idea of alien existence with propagation of Fermi paradox.


The scientific community admits to the failure at arrival of a consensus on the possibility of alien existence. Such an admission reflects limitation either at conceptual level or the designing of appropriate search-methodology.
This brief article proposes an approach that is based on:
The hypothesized unique property of the hypothetical particle, the Higgs boson.
Possibility of existence of multiple (or at least more than one) space-frames in which life can dwell/exist in a yet un-thought of form.
The Higgs boson (the God particle)
The Higgs’ boson [4-5] is a hypothetical particle, the property of which is believed to impart mass to the other particles of matter. The author opines that matter may exist in an inherent particulate (massless) form and acquires mass upon interaction with the boson, which the author terms as “bosonization”; thus, bosonization causes particles to acquire mass and convert to massful form. Not only this, the massful form also acquires the properties of matter and obeys the mundane laws of science (especially Physics). However, the reversal of this interaction i.e. “de-bosonization” will cause the massful form to revert to its inherent particulate form (massless) that may defy the mundane laws of science. Therefore, matter can be present in bosonized (massful) and un-bosonized / de-bosonized (massless) forms in the Universe. The bosonic interactions might be associated with electromagnetic effects like emission (exo-luminal interaction) or absorption (endo-luminal interaction) of electromagnetic radiation in the visible or invisible large electromagnetic spectrum. The author hypothesizes that existence of life therefore is likely to be associated more strongly and positively with electromagnetic disequilibrium than a chemical one (Gaia hypothesis).
The Driving Force: But, what is the force that drives the particles to interact with the Higgs’ boson and acquire mass? Is it intrinsic (the inherent nature of the particles to interact i.e. natural affinity for the boson) or is it under influence of an extrinsic force or technology? Can the aliens exist in un-bosonized form? Do they posses the technology to operate the bosonic interactions and is their appearance and disappearance on Earth based on their technological powers on these reactions? Is the abduction also based on these powers? These and many more answers would be found only on the discovery of the boson. The discovery may also aid in understanding the basis of visibility and invisibility or perceptibility and imperceptibility by the human brain.
Peter Higgs suggests that the whole space is permeated by a field other than the well known electromagnetic field, which is known as Higgs field and particles while moving through this field, if undergo interaction with it, acquire mass. It is possible that the Higgs field of Earth does not exist on all planetary systems and ET life (existing in un-bosonized form) that invades Earth in un-bosonized form either gets bosonized or remains un-bosonized leading to the mysteries associated with the alien-invasions. This may also account for the defiance of science-laws that apply to Earth-matter and not to the aliens whose behavior therefore cannot be explained by our science.
Such interactions and transformations therefore, make it all the more imperative to search and isolate the boson if humans desire to come closer to understanding the origin of matter and alien-existence.
The preceding sections exhibit a possibility of planetary systems with and without Higgs field or even electromagnetic one. There is also a distinct possibility of space-pervading field(s) other than the ones (Higgs, electromagnetic gravitational) existent on Earth. Therefore, the possibility of life and even matter existing in an un-thought or un-imaginable form cannot be ignored completely. This form of life and matter would be compatible with the environment and the altogether different field existent on alien-inhabited-planets and therefore remain undetected by our means of detection and communication.
The famous physicist Paul Davis also suggests existence of 12 basic entities of matter based on the electrons and corresponding quarks with different spins leading to reasonable speculation that life and matter may exist in 'other' forms depending on the combination of muon or tauon with different quark pairs.
Further, there is a possibility (even though remote) of the physical matter on Earth being influenced by forces other than those known to Man and science and that may be the cause of the unexplainable changes in our planetary behavior. These forces might be even influencing or contributing to the genetic mutations in life-forms of Earth that result in various consequences including evolutionary alterations.
Multi space-frame hypothetical model
Another possibility that needs exploration is the existence of other forms of fields on Earth itself. The author hypothesizes existence of a multi-space-frame model akin to a city with a network of flyovers and subways that form several space-frames, each one being pervaded by a field of its own and inhabited by different forms of ‘life’ unaware of each other’s presence in general.
These different space-frames may be the other ‘realms’ that are commonly speculated. The different space-frames may connect with each other at various intersection/transition points or regions, the occasional transition (trespassing) of inhabitants at which leads to mysterious or alien-encounter experiences that may or may not be associated with simultaneous interaction of the different fields also that further confounds the complexity of the encounters or experiences. The transition at times may be disastrous and lead to the trespasser being lost permanently. The mysterious Bermuda Triangle could be one such transition region.
The different space-frames could be associated with their own time-frames (time-zones) also, which would add to the mysteries of nature and further confound the attempts at search for alien life.


Thus, this hypothesis envisages a possibility of alien existence based on the characteristics of the God particle, the boson and the multi-space-frame concept. The hypothesized approach to alien search may yield some useful information towards reaching out successfully to our co-inhabitants in the Universe.


1. Drake F, Dava S. Is Anyone Out There? The Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. 1992. New York: Delacorte Pr.. ISBN 0-385-30532-X.
2. Lovelock JE., Margulis L. "Atmospheric homeostasis by and for the biosphere- The Gaia hypothesis". Tellus 1974; 26 (1): 2–10.
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