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Dr. Toribio Otero

Technical University of Cartagena
Center for Electrochemistry and Intelligent Materials
Aulario II, Campus Alfonso XIII

Brief Biography:

Toribio Fernández Otero has born in Palacios del Sil, León, Spain in 1951and received his PhD in Chemistry in 1978 from the Complutense University of Madrid. The thesis was supervised at the Institute Rocasolano from the CSIC. In 1989 he became Professor of Physical Chemistry and Macromolecules at the Universty of the Basque Country. At the newly created Faculty of Chemistry in San Sebastian he started a research group on corrosion, corrosion protection and electrochemistry of conducting polymers. He participates on the creation (1997), and as first president, of CIDETEC, private foundation for the transfer of electrochemical and polymeric technologies involving today more that 120 employees, over 40 doctors. In 2002 he becqme Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Technical University of Cartagena. He has published over 250 papers, 20 book chapters and 7 patents; he has supervised 23 doctoral theses. His work mainly concerns electrogeneration, electrochemical properties, electrochemical devices and theoretical modelling of the electrochemistry of conducting polymers as biomimetic reactive, sot and wet material. Hi is a pioneer on artificial muscles, sensing muscles, tactile muscles, multidevices (sensor –actuators) and modelling multifunctional devices, brain-organs feedback communication and structural chemical kinetics.


Academic positions:

Full Profesor of Physical Chemistry

Head of the Laboratory.


Research interests:

Electrochemistry of Conducting Polymers

Electrochemical and biomimetic properties.

Biomimetic soft, wet, salted and reactive devices sensing enviromental variables.

Artificial muscles, Samrt Windows, Polymeric batteries, Samrt membranes, smart drug delivery, artificial synapses,

Theoretical models.


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