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Prof. Daniel Monleon

Head of Metabolomics Lab
Fundacion Investigacion Hospital
Clinico Universitario Valencia

Brief Biography:

I am Head of the Metabolomics lab at the Hospital Clinico de Valencia since 2007. I am also Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Valencia since 2009. I got my PhD in Chemistry in NMR Protein Structure Determination at the University of Valencia in 1999 and did a 3 years postdoctoral stay at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Since then, I have participated in several international projects for biomedical applications of NMR. In 2004 I was appointed the Scientific Manager of the European Consortium eTUMOUR (FP6 LIFESCIHEALTH-509304) which included 21 Universities, Hospital and Companies across Europe and aimed to developed automated tools for the diagnosis of brain tumors by MRS and NMR metabolomics. Since then, I have been Principal Investigator of 8 Spanish National Research Grants about metabolomics and metabolism of brain cancer. I am the recipient of several research awards including the 2002 research Award of the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Research Day, a Ramon y Cajal 2006 contract from the Ministry of Science of Spain, the 2007 Mention of Scientific Merit of the European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology, the 2008 Basic Research Award of the Clinical Hospital of Valencia, and the 2009 Metabolomics Workshop Research Award of the Prince Felipe Research Institute. I have published around 50 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, all of them indexed in the ISIweb and 38 of them indexed in PubMed (search monleon-d). My research has been published in Hepatology, Cancer Research, Journal of Proteome Research, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Molecular Biology, Methods in Enzymology and NMR in Biomedicine, among other journals. My editorial activity includes regular reviewing for the journals “Cancer Research”, “Proteins: Structure, Function, Bioinformatics”, “NMR in Biomedicine”, “Journal of Proteome Research”, “Journal of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics” and “American Journal of Cancer Research”. I am also associate editor of the “American Journal of Cancer Research”. I will edit a book on Meningiomas next August 2011 (Intech Publishers).


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I support the post-publication peer reviewing system